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Nicodemus, willing to learn

As much as you think you know, you never know enough. You can be so hard headed but when you sit at the feet of The Lord you are broken and you yield to Him. Nicodemus was one of the attackers, one of the hard headed, an accuser, critic. But all he had to do was willing to sit at the Lords feet and listen to get to know him better, know who He really is. When we sit at his feet, our hearts will yield to him. All we have to do is let him speak to us. Be willing to Learn.
The most stubborn of persons can be transformed at the feet of Jesus. Saul was another of the Pharisees that had that type of closed mentality. But you cant stay stubborn long enough when you talk to the Truth, when you walk in The Way, when You spend time with The Love, that is Jesus the Son of God.

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Freedom of Speech and Jesus

The freedom of speech is the freedom to speak my disagreement of something. It is also the freedom of someone else to speak their disagreement of something I have said. I dont agree on what the jewish in Jesus’s days would do. They would gather and shut people from speaking things. When any type of organization tries to shut someone up, then for me thats oppression.
When the truth is spoken, the truth prevails, even when critics express their freedom of speech. Jesus respected the freedom of speech of his oppressors, but He also exercised His. He didn’t permit them to shut down what was needed to be said. The truth doesnt need the backup of an organization or government to prevail. It prevails because it is truth in itself, and truth always prevails. So say what you have to say, cause the truth will prevail because of you or in spite of you.

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Sabbath by example? Just cause He said?

Is the sabbath something we keep because of just an example left by God? Usually we talk about Jesus being our example. But God goes beyond that. Keep the sabbath because God kept it. Baptize because Jesus did it.
I believe that Everything has a deeper connotation when it comes as an action from God. He won’t just do something to do it and expect us to do it just cause He did it. That would be a tyrannic God. Sabbath was a moment he set aside. Of course God is a God and he has the liberty to choose what day. But even then we see who is the priority, when He created earth first before he set a day aside. The reason for the day that we keep is not really because of example, it’s because it’s the day he stopped working, to spend time with his creation.

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You know it is bad for your team, when your bench starts high-fiving when their best player hits jumper after jumper.

Larry Bird went for 60 this night, with little athletic ability (compared to modern players like Kobe or LeBron).

Larry Legend.

Indiana’s finest.

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When you love someone and you separate form them, then you can truly know what separation means.  You don’t truly experience “Separation” until you love that person.  You now how guys sometimes party on the first day they are away form their now “ex-girlfriend” Im not saying its a fact, but maybe Love wasn’t present.  Or when that loved one is leaving the country forever or even to another state, it feels bad when there is a separation.  The real feeling of separation comes because you love. 

When you just move along and nothing hurts and you move away from that person physically and mentally and in any way but don’t feel anything, then thats called something else.  But a true “separation” is felt when you love.  

Thats the separation the God felt.  Romans 3:23 says we “felt short from”  We are separated from God’s Glory. It crazy how we say we are the victims, when the Bible says that the one that loved us FIRST was Jesus (1 Juan 4:19) … God felt that separation more than what we did.  As a matter a fact, we can be far from Him and barely feel anything, and if we do its thanks to the Holy Spirit.  But can you imagine, God felt that separation. The KING of the UNIVERSE felt bad because SIN separated us.  

In fact, He never said that He didn’t want to be with us.  If anything we are the ones that split up with Him.  Because of Sin we said “We are braking up, we don’t need you, we can be our own God and have no need of You (Gen. 3:5)” 

Yet he said “Well I love you so much that I will travel to all the way were you are at and show you with MY LIFE, that even though you have broken up with me, I WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE”  

He came and we spit at Him, Humiliated Him AND STILL He fights for our love after all we have done.  

He has shown you with His life that He doesn’t want to be separated from you.  What will your response be?

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